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Fall Favorites

Autumn is officially here and it’s so overwhelmingly beautiful. Even just this morning I was having an internal freak out over how beautiful my school’s campus looked with all of the trees full of such bright colors. Life has been pretty fun lately, and I wanted to share some of my favorite things that are happening this season with you here.


I switched my closet out and pulled out all of my winter clothes, and is it bad if I say that this is one of my favorite parts of fall? I love pulling out my favorite cozy sweaters and my favorite winter hat that everyone makes fun of me for. (It’s still my favorite, who even cares?) I discovered while organizing it all that I somehow ended up with 7 (literally, 7) grey sweater dresses that all look almost identical. Not sure how that happened, but it’s fine.


One of my favorite parts about the style change is that it’s suddenly okay to wear dark lipstick again. (my serious fav.) If you’re into that kind of thing then I can tell you the lipstick color I’m obsessed with is Cocoa by NYX. I wear it almost everyday and I’ll hate to put it away in the Spring.


Some music that I find myself going back to over and over again lately is quite predictable if you know me well at all. On one of the first weeks that I could feel the weather changing I began to frantically search for my copy of Taylor Swift’s album, Red. No such luck, so I had to go buy it again. I’m not complaining though. That album is perfect for everything fall-related. Side note: I’m starting to wonder how many of these posts I’m going to end up mentioning Taylor Swift in. Sorry not sorry.

Another album that I’m obsessing over is the new Hillsong Worship album, OPEN HEAVEN / River Wild. I instantly fall in love with live worship albums and this one is no exception.


Fall activities are a must. I’ve made it to a few bonfires so far, and visited a haunted house. I had two of my favorite people over a few days ago to carve pumpkins and we had so much fun. All of the lovely pictures are from my lovely friend, Emily Carter. (Except the pictures she’s in, obviously.) You can check out more of her photography here.


I wish I could tell you about all these great books I’ve been reading, but unfortunately there has been no time for that. Fall semester is in full swing, and the only reading I’ve managed to do has more to do with biology and economics; however, we’ve made it past midterms and winter break is in sight. Hallelujah. There is one book that I can share with you though. My bff, Emily, gave it to me a while back ago (Thanks Em!), and I really am obsessed with it. It has a question for every day, and if you stick with it, you will answer one everyday over the course of five years. It will be so cool to see how your answers change over so much time. I’ve incorporated it into my nighttime routine so I never miss a day. I shared some questions from the past few months below. You can get your own copy of this little Q&A here.

Last thing, my inner fangirl has to share this. A few days ago 5 Seconds of Summer released their new album, Sounds Good Feels Good and it is such a jam. I haven’t stopped listening since it came out. Some of my favorite tracks are Waste the Night, Fly Away, and Outer Space/Carry On. Give it a listen here if you like.


See you back here soon.


1 thought on “Fall Favorites”

  1. Ah! I have the same Q&A a day book! And my best friend gave it to me also. I am currently filling out my second year (almost to my third!) and it has been SO cool to see how much I’ve changed (and likewise, am still the same) during that time. I went from a single girl, to engaged, to married, and it’s so neat to see that!! You’ll be looking back at some amazing memories over 5 years, I’m sure!!


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