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5 Tips for Surviving Finals Week

The semester is almost over. I personally can not wait to be stress-free and sleeping in every morning. It’s been a crazy semester and from what I can tell, the last few weeks are always the hardest part. So here are my survival tips for finals week. May the grading curve be ever in your favor.

 Tip #1:

Write everything down. I keep a weekly planner with me 24/7 with every important date written in it. Like right now I know that I have a very large paper (that I have not started) due very soon. Go me.

But seriously, when everything is written down you won’t have that night-before-it’s-due freak out. Nothing can sneak up on you when you have your planner.

Tip #2:

Stop procrastinating and put your phone away. Easier said than done, I know. Stop Twitter/Instagram/Facebook scrolling and focus. I found this article about how the mere presence of our phones makes us distracted. So hide your phone for an hour and get some work done, then come back to it when you need a break.


 Tip #3:

Just take a break. When you’ve been trying so hard to focus and you just can’t, like the moment when you feel like you’re going to die if you read that same page of notes one more time. Take fifteen minutes to paint your nails, take a walk, go out and get coffee, something. Then come back and you’ll be able to focus better.

Tip #4

Turn off your music. If you are anything like me, your “background music” turns into a full blown concert/dance party real quick. However, some background noise is good. My favorite study playlist can be found here. Spotify has put together some good ones to help me stay focused and not sending snap videos of myself dramatically singing Adele songs to my best friends.

 Tip #5:

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Just keep reminding yourself that in a few weeks you’ll have finished all of it. You’ll be watching Christmas movies and forgetting all about this hard work. You are almost there.

I’m gonna go start that paper now. (Maybe.) Thanks Ryan Gosling.

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