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The Gift of His Presence

God has been teaching me more and more lately to be aware of Him. Maybe this sounds silly, but I sometimes forget that He’s with me. The creator of the Universe is with me 24/7 and I forget to be aware of it.

I get busy. I’m in the middle of a shift at work and realize I haven’t asked Him for help at all, which is a huge contrast to my first few weeks at this job where I was constantly asking Him to guide me through each moment. Sometimes it’s in the middle of an insignificant regular day. The monotony of everyday life sometimes leaves me relying on myself and forgetting that the God who guides my every moment is within me wanting to be acknowledged.

But let me tell you about the times that I remember to be aware of His presence all around me. When I make a real effort to keep my headspace filled with thoughts of Christ it becomes so easy to feel His presence, and not in a creepy, the-temperature-dropped-and-I-have-goosebumps kind of way. Do you know the feeling of being in the middle of a worship service and every word you’re singing is exactly what you needed to tell God? It’s like your heart is overflowing and you feel like God just walked into the room and if you reach your hands out you just might touch Him. That’s the feeling I am talking about. Except that feeling doesn’t have to be over when the song ends and the lights come back up. You can feel that presence in your car, at work, at school, or in your room. God is limitless, and I have learned that when you are earnestly seeking Him, He makes His presence known.

I can feel Him with me in this inner peace He gives about everything I was troubled about before, and a joy overflowing from my heart that I feel like I need to share. This awareness of Him reminds me to see the beauty in every sunset and to always look for the stars hidden underneath the heavy Ohio clouds. It reminds me to pray for my friends, to look for ways to encourage those around me, and that doing the right thing is always the best thing, regardless of how it makes me look.

My prayer lately has been just for awareness of Him. His presence puts everything into perspective, gives you just what to say, and gives you an extra dose of whatever you need in that moment: peace, forgiveness, love, joy, hope, patience.

The God I serve is truly amazing. He has given me so much, but I am most thankful for His presence. I am thankful He gave the world His presence when He gave us Jesus that first Christmas. I am thankful that He left us His Spirit to help us through every single moment. I am thankful that He is coming back to take us to heaven for an eternity in His awesome presence.

When I don’t know what to pray for I sometimes just start with a “Thank you God for…” I have filled many journal pages with this opening phrase and I want to share one of them with you: Thank you God. Thank you for giving me your presence. Thank you for being here even when I forget you’re here. Thank you for the hope you brought into this world when you gave us Jesus. Thank you for giving up your most precious son to save all of us. Thank you for the hope and promise of heaven. I want to thank you for giving Jesus to us. For putting His presence onto the earth. Thank you for giving me the gift of your Holy Spirit’s presence every single day. You make me 10x better. I know your spirit gives me more strength, wisdom, joy, and love than I will ever know. Please help me to be increasingly more aware of you with me. You have filled my life with purpose. Thank you for your promise to never leave me. Help me to see and love others the way that you do. Thank you God for never making me face a single day alone.

Let’s not forget to be aware of Him while we celebrate the gift of His presence this Christmas. Happy Blogmas and Merry Christmas.

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