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A Few of my Favorite Things

Of course I couldn’t let us get through this Blogmas series without sharing some of my favorite things during this holiday season. You know the usual: books, music, places, and things that I am into lately. I hope you can find something from this list that you can also love and we can obsess over together.

Music has been my constant lately while reading and writing these posts. For the last month I have been nonstop listening to James Bay. (James Bay or James Bae? lols.) His album, Chaos and the Calm is the perfect match to my mood lately and I’m just so into it.

Whenever I stop listening to that (rare) I’ve been listening to all the Christmas tunes. You can find my playlist by clicking here.

As for books, I think I’ve almost told everyone I know about Eighteen Years. This is a book of poetry written by a girl I feel like I know personally. Madisen Kuhn has been sharing her poems with her online followers for years. Me and thousands of other people have grown up with her while relating to her words. I ordered her book the day it came out last month and happy-danced around my kitchen when it arrived.  This is one of the coolest examples I’ve seen of a millennial using the Internet to do something really amazing. She used the internet to build her following, share her art, and now to actually be able to have her own book full of her own words. It is inspiring and well-done.

Her poetry is very relatable for any coming of age girl finding her way through life and love. This is one of my favorites:

 If you’d like to see order information on her book click here.

I have one more book that I have to mention before the year is over. For Christmas last year my mom bought all of the women in my family the same devotional book. This book has held exactly what I needed to hear most days. Jesus Calling: Finding Peace in His Presence by Sarah Young is a book I have given to many friends this year because it is so special to me. I love reading it everyday knowing that so many important people in my life are reading it as well.

This devotional is all about the importance of Christ’s presence in our life. It has been a constant reminder for me to seek Him everyday and to bask in His love and light. These are short little passages that I love to read tucked up in my bed before I go to sleep. They have held some important reminders and timely words for me in the past 12 months.

Thanks for the perfect gift last Christmas, mom. Click here for order info.

Happy Blogmas, and Merry Christmas! See you back here tomorrow.

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