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Ghost of Christmas Past


I can’t wait to celebrate with my loved ones today, but first I promised to share some old Christmas memories with you.

Let me tell you about two of my favorite gifts I ever received: Charlie and my American Girl doll.

Charlie is my little Yorkie. He is my sidekick and he follows me everywhere.


My parents gave Charlie to me and my sisters for Christmas in 2007. My dad likes to sarcastically refer to him as the gift that keeps on giving. I don’t think I have ever loved a gift so much.

My second favorite gift was my American Girl doll. American Girl dolls were something I obsessed over for about three years. We received the catalogs in the mail every month so me and Alivia would go through each page discussing which one we would get if mom and dad ever allowed us to have one of these expensive dolls.

In 2005 I unwrapped my American Girl. Her name was Amelia because I wasn’t very original, but I loved her.

Here are a few more less significant gifts that I felt like should still be mentioned here. There was the year I was trendsetter in my new bucket hat. uvjets

Or the black leather boots that all of my sisters were given at some point. I wasn’t cool enough for them apparently. fewfdwasdds

We were all included in this gift from my Mimi. Aprons for everyone that year. #DivaInTraining


Another special one was the year we all got matching snow suits.

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas Eve with your loved ones. I hope the magic of it all isn’t lost on you. I will see you all here tomorrow for day 12 of Blogmas. I’m leaving you with some more Christmas memories below.

Happy Blogmas and Merry Christmas!


Being sassy in my new fabulous pjs.


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