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What Makes a Good Friend?

Somehow I recently found myself in this amazing group of people. Every time we’re together I think how lucky I am to call these insanely fun people my friends. They’ve taught me a lot about being the kind of friend people want to have. They challenge me everyday to be better, and I love the community we’ve built.

Friendship is such a complex and beautiful thing. It looks a little different to everybody, so for the last six months I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a good friend. What makes you the kind of person that people want to go to? I found it has a whole lot more to do with how you treat everyone else than how anyone treats you.

I recently asked some of you what quality you find to be most important in a friend, and I love the responses you gave. Here are some of my favorites: honesty, loyalty, positivity, reliability, integrity, the ability to meet you where you’re at, selflessness, a sense of humor, an uncritical spirit, unbiased opinions, trustworthiness, compassion, an adventurous spirit, and being able to pick up where you left off.

After reading through your answers and giving it some real thought, I decided what my answer is to this question as well.

The quality I appreciate most in a friend is support. We all need someone to cheer us on or to feel our pain. We’ve all got dreams, and we’ve all got everyday struggles. It’s nice when someone cares about both.

In the past few months I have seen support take shape in so many forms. Support is listening to a friend dream up the new adventure they want to chase and being understanding when they vent about their problems. Support is standing by them as they lose their loved ones. Support is cheering them on at their soccer game and texting them to see how they did on that huge test they were worried about. Support is sticking up for them and seeking the truth before believing a lie. It’s holding each other accountable and giving grace when it’s needed. Support is bringing them coffee at work (thanks Sarah, Nate, Emma, Em, mom and dad.) It’s remembering that you aren’t the only person in the relationship with problems or dreams or thoughts.

The key to all of it is to just remember that in order to have friends, you have to be a friend. To get support, you have to give it. (Proverbs 18:24)

Thanks to my friends for all the endless support. I hope I give it back to you 2x over. You da besties for the resties.

Also, a thanks to you for reading and relating to all my thoughts here. Let’s stay friends?

If you didn’t catch the last little post you can find it by clicking here.

See you soon.

P.S. Did I mention I’m going to Spain? I’m counting down the days until I get to spend a week there experiencing it all. I want to take you all with me. Can’t wait to share!


4 thoughts on “What Makes a Good Friend?”

  1. You are so gifted in putting your thoughts into words and You really are wise beyond your years young lady. I think that is why I find your blogs to be very refreshing. I can’t wait to hear about your trip to Spain. My youngest daughter went to Spain for 2 weeks when she about the same age you are now and she thoroughly enjoyed her time there. So excited for you Amelia!

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