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Big City Dreams

New York.

I spent three days in the city last week and as we drove away I was overwhelmed with this feeling of inspiration. I always feel it when I leave New York. What is it about this city that leaves me so motivated to chase every dream I can think up?

I attended a conference for student journalists while I was there, and I learned so much. On the way home I was mentally scheming and planning my next steps, but I get so overwhelmed because I want to chase everything.

I have no idea which steps I want to take because I have no idea what my end goal is. What is my dream job? Better question: what isn’t my dream job? I feel so drawn to so many places and so many different opportunities. I can see myself in NYC hustling in the media industry. I can see myself in Ohio forever. I can see myself moving across the world or across the country. I can see myself at a for-profit or a non-profit. I can’t do everything, but oh how I want to.

All of these thoughts have been swimming in my head the last several days. This desire to go everywhere and try everything. The biggest issue I can’t shy away from is this: it’s all a loss if it’s not about Christ.

If I move to a big city and chase these business-minded dreams, how can I make it about Christ and not about me? If it’s not all for His kingdom and glory then there is seriously no point in chasing it. If my life isn’t drawing people to Him then something has to change.

Being young leaves us with endless opportunities. Life is still just beginning. There is an infinite number of paths we can take. That’s the beauty of it and also what makes it so scary. I’m glad I don’t have to figure it out on my own.

Maybe you relate. Maybe NYC also makes you feel magical inside, maybe you totally hate it. Let me know. If you have a how-to on how to figure out your life and move to a big city on a tight budget, then pls let me know. Text me, tweet me, page me.





3 thoughts on “Big City Dreams”

  1. I feel the exact same way!!! I currently love my job, but I’m constantly feeling like there is something bigger and better out there for me to do. Then I think, is this me being selfish and wanting more or is this Christ guiding me to step out. Yet I have no idea what to do lol. Also I feel the same way about NYC. I love it!!!

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