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I know my purpose.

This semester held some strange days. It held hard moments of fear, anxiety, rejection, loss of purpose, and distractions.

Life looks different now than it did six months ago. In the past several months relationships ended and changed. Others grew and developed, but it all felt so new. It was as if all at once I looked up and everything had changed, but still looked mostly the same. I typically am excited for change and new phases, but all of these combined took me off guard and rattled me to my core.

I felt unprepared. I experienced anxiety like never before and began to crumble in fear of the future. I looked back with such confusion. I questioned my decisions and wondered about what if.

I took my eyes off of Jesus without even realizing it. I was not spending my days in step with his spirit and that is what left me feeling lost. I got so distracted by the changes and so focused on myself that I couldn’t reflect Jesus’ life to anyone else.

Being young is weird. We are figuring a lot of stuff out and trying to stay true to a self that is ever-changing. These moments and years are shaping who we are. So it’s normal to feel a little lost in all of it sometimes. We can mess up and make mistakes without letting them define us. We can look back on those mistakes and say ‘hey, that’s not who I’m going to be.’

The big thing is not staying in that confusion. When feeling lost we have to get back to square one. Who were we created to be?

I was created to bring glory to God and to make his name known. That is my purpose. I may not know exactly what that looks like in the big picture, but I can figure out what that looks like for today. Getting back to this purpose puts our head-space back on our kingdom destination.

Finding our identity and purpose in being God’s and being who he created us to be is freeing. Allow him to define who you are and where you are going. Let him be the echo of your life.

The mistakes of my past are miraculously being worked together for my good because I love him. My God is faithful. He is good. He is full of strength and love. When the questions and changes become too much, there he is, full of wisdom with arms wide open.

Today I am choosing to set my eyes on Jesus. I know my purpose. I won’t drown in questions and fear of the future. I won’t cling to the past. I am on a journey; I have a purpose. Let’s make his name known. Let’s give it all we’ve got.


4 thoughts on “I know my purpose.”

  1. That’s good writing my sweet Amelia! You are wise and God is giving you wisdom beyond your years as you seek his will for your life. Just waiting to see what he has in store for you!
    Keep writing and expressing yourself, I love it!
    Jim has a new book that was just published. “My Heart Felt Pashion ” can be found on Amazon. Check it out! LY

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  2. Girl, this was amazing! Jesus is so amazing I can’t handle it sometimes! So glad I stumbled across your blog! You’ve inspired me to start writing! Your passion for Christ shines so bright, I aspire to be such a strong, God-fearing woman as you are. “Today I am choosing to set my eyes on Jesus.”….today and everyday! Thank you for putting your words out there in such a beautiful way, they reach far and wide. Looking forward to reading more from you.xx

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