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Plan A

3 things moving taught me about God's plan.

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Overwhelmed at Christmas

Confession time: I might be ready for Christmas to be over. And I know, this is Christmas. This is supposed to be the time where we are all super festive, generous, and full of joy. But the mall is crowded, I'm running on a few hours of sleep and lots of coffee, I have so much to… Continue reading Overwhelmed at Christmas

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10 Things We Can All Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Follow my blog with Bloglovin 2015 has been a tough year for the world as a whole. Rebellions have broke out, terror has set in, and darkness seems to be at an all time high. The world doesn't feel so homey and sometimes that can make it hard to see the beauty left here. The… Continue reading 10 Things We Can All Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

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Letter to 15-Year-Old Me

Today I came across an old journal. I cautiously opened it and read through all the cringe-worthy pages. The first entries are from when I was 14 and go all the way up to 17. Most of it is totally embarrassing. Lots of extremely detailed entries over exactly what this or that boy said and exactly how… Continue reading Letter to 15-Year-Old Me